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engineering, financing, planning and execution of projects in the water, energy and transport sector.

We assisted Construction Companies, Consultants, Engineering

firms, Ministries, Governmental authorities and NGO's in developing their

business acitivities in foreign countries like:

Kuwait, Nigeria, Iraq, Kurdistan,Pakistan, Cuba etc.


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German Water & Energy Engineering Solutions team joined GAUFF Engineering,Nuremberg.

Together we will build up their business activities in countries like Angola,

Uganda, Nigeria, ..... in fields like Renwable Energy, Hydro Power,

Water Supply, Infrastructure etc.

If you are interested to join our young and multinational team in Nuremberg or

African countries, you should have a look to this Website:

If you want to apply for a job with GAUFF Engineering, please refer to

Matthias Bertram.


Angola:  Governmental program "Agua para todos"

Main focus of attention was laid in the last month on the joint activities of GAUFF ENGINEERING and GERMAN WATER & ENERGY ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS to find reliable, effective and sustainable water resources on the Highland of Humpata for a safe water supply for the city of Lubango, a city of more than  a million inhabitants. Despite an extrem geological complexity preparation are made to trace the underground watercourse by high-tec geophysical survey measures and sophisticated German Drilling Technology. We are sure: This is the right way to handle this outstanding challange and it will solve major parts of the problems soon.



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